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How to get bleach out of clothing

Bleach is mainly used to whiten your whites. It is used along with your detergent when you are washing your whites.

Sometimes bleach can actually stain your clothing when not used correctly and then you need to remove the bleach stain.

Know your bleach to remove your bleach

Bleach can be hypochlorite’s or other chlorine based bleaches or peroxides and indigo dye.

A large number of household items that are cleaning agents for your home are also bleaches and can stain your clothes.

If you are allergic, or the bleach is too strong you need to know how to get bleach out of clothing.
You need to know what kind of bleach you are up against to remove it quickly and efficiently.

The most common bleaches are sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite, which is “bleaching powder”.

Oxidising agents like peroxide sodium per carbonate and sodium per borate don’t contain chlorine, and are milder in action too.

Other common bleaches for clothes include indigo.
How to get bleach out of clothing will depend on the kind of chemistry behind the bleach you are trying to remove.

Bleach removing agents and reagents

Vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or products like hand sanitizer that contain a high concentration of alcohol.

Warm water can be used to treat bleach stains.

Several applications maybe required and patience is needed.

It may be important to remove the bleach as it is corrosive on clothes especially if you have spilt cleaning bleaches on your clothes that are stronger than the bleaches you use for your clothing.

It is also important to know how to get bleach out of clothing when several washes have failed to get rid of the stain fully as usually just washing a couple of times can get rid of bleaches.

how to get bleach out of clothing whatever the bleach

Just a small cotton ball with rubbing alcohol if the indigo stain is a small one on the clothing can do the trick though several applications and patience maybe required.

Although bleach removes color from a fabric, it can be fixed.

how to get bleach out of clothing in such cases is to dab a bit of alcohol with a cotton ball on and around the stain.

The surrounding area will leak color onto the faded area.

A clean white cloth with vinegar should be dabbed onto the stain until the fabric is saturated with vinegar in and around the stain.

After this the fabric is rinsed with cold water.

This process may need to be repeated.

Most bleach related problems can be resolved with rubbing alcohol, lukewarm water, several washes, vinegar etc.

Being a common problem it is important to know how to get bleach out of clothing.

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