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Laser hair removal side effects and the alternates

Laser hair removal has been used as a cosmetic treatment has been used more for about the past decade.

It’s side effects are claimed to range from temporary skin irritation to some permanent effects.

Hair removal  and its complexities

Laser hair removal  works well as a more permanent remedy,  for all areas of the body including sensitive areas like the face.
Laser hair removal+side effects needs to be feared so it needs to be performed only by qualified plastic surgeons.
Across the world, laser hair removal has effectively reduced  unwanted hair and fuzz.

In this method  hair is permanently burnt off with minimal risk by the use of laser which aids in reducing discomfort and increasing accuracy.

However, laser treatment has been linked with skin irritations that can be from mild to moderate and skin toning from temporary to permanent.

Some studies also claim one laser hair removal side effects is that of harmful toxins.

It claims that burnt hair releases toxins during the process  of laser treatment.

Most common  laser hair removal side effects

Since laser hair removal involves burning off of hair initially the skin is also affected.

A most common  laser hair removal side effects is skin irritation.

Other very common laser hair removal side effects are redness of skin, swelling, pigment changes of skin.

Skin pigmentation and some permanent laser hair removal side effects

The most common side effects of laser hair removal include skin irritation.

Temporary discomfort, and redness and swelling are some other laser hair removal side effects.

Pigment changes may involve either temporary or more permanent darkening or lightening of skin.

Other common hair removal methods

Shaving, waxing, electrolysis  etc. are time-consuming,  they can be done even without a surgeon but even when done at home or in a salon, they are painful, and pretty expensive themselves.

Shaving and waxing need to be repeated. Electrolysis has some side effects like laser hair removal side effects.

The role of the plastic surgeon

The laser hair treatment is carried out throughout the world for cosmetic effect.

Unlike shaving through depilatories and electrolysis it is undertaken by qualified plastic surgeons.

The laser treatment can remove hair without leaving a trace and in one go.

However  laser hair removal side effects, need to be avoided as they may cause major problems in the hands of the unqualified.

The treatment can cause significant permanent toning, it can even cause burns and excess swelling and major discomfort.

It can also scar permanently as the laser in the hands of the unskilled can be a significant risk.

Such a risk should not be undertaken for the sake of mere cosmetic effect.

This is the most expensive of the different methods available for hair removal, but it’s going popularity indicates it’s acceptance by the general public.


The treatment makes unwanted hair and fine lines disappear just by a snap of your fingers.

But in the wrong hands, the hair removal can cause equal harm. It can burn your skin seriously and scar permanently.

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